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We simplify the process of finding the best fitness professional, who can help you meet your health and fitness goals.


Clustr is flexible, on-demand fitness marketplace, connecting coaches with clients and allowing for seamless exchange of products and services. We have spent months researching and designing this solution, to make it easy for clients to meet their health and fitness goals, and for coaches to grow their business.


Need a coach?

Clustr is designed to match you with the right coach and provide you with all the tools to achieve success in your life.


Our search functionality allows you to find coaches easily by location, price, availability, social proof or skills.


Clustr allows several transactions between client and trainer e.g. appointment booking, progress tracking and workout programs.


We place security at the heart of everything because we understand how important your personal information is.


Need a customer?

Clustr is a platform to market yourself and engage with clients without pain of client
acquisition, engagement and management. You can focus on coaching your clients so they can meet their fitness goals.


Create a rich personalized profile to showcase your skills, services and products. Our powerful search functionality allows clients to find you easily.


Our all-in-one digital platform includes client engagement features like appointment scheduling, electronic billing and fitness programming.


Our platform handles the administrative work, so you can focus on what matters most: making happy clients and growing your business.

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